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Una pesadilla

July 7, 2015
Una pesadilla

Hoy es el martes. (Today is Tuesday)

Es un poco embarazoso para decirte esto, pero anoche  justo antes de dormir leí unas pocas páginas de un libro se llama ‘Spanish short stories for beginners’ de Olly Richards, y estaba leyendo la historia sobre la criatura.

(It´s a bit embarrasing to tell you this, but last night just before I went to sleep I read a few pages of a book called ‘Spanish shortstories for beginners’ by Olly Richards, and I was reading the story about the creature.)

Se trataba de un chico y una chica que fueron caminando en un bosque cuando encontraron una casa de madera. Dentro de la casa era una criatura grande y peluda. La criatura corrió hacia el bosque y ellos lo persiguieron. No podían encontrarlo y qué horror ellos decidieron separarse. Dentro de poco iba a hacerse de noche…. y de todos modos debe haber sido un poco asustadizo para mí porque tenía una pesadilla sobre ella!

(It was about a guy and girl who were walking in the woods when they came across a wooden house. Inside the house was a large furry creature. The creature ran towards the wood and they followed it. They couldn’t find it and what horror they decided to split up. A little while later it began to get dark…and anyway it must have been a  bit scary for me because I had a nightmare about it!)

No es una historia de terror, más bien un cuento de hadas o una leyenda pero leerlo justo antes de acostarme probablemente no estaba una buena idea para mí.

(It isn’t a horror story, rather a fairy story or a folktale but reading it just before I went to bed probably wasn’t a good idea for me.)

Also today, I did three bidirectional translations of ‘Las adventuras de Víctor en España’ (Ch 5,6 and 7) and I have to say that I think it’s becoming a little easier for me now to do the translations from English into Spanish. This is going to help me so much when I have conversations with native Spanish speakers on Italki because I’m going to be able to translate what I want to say in English into Spanish very quiclkly.

I know some people don’t like translation but it works well for me and I always make good progress when I use this method to learn a language.

I also combine this method of learning Spanish with one where I memorise full Spanish sentences in one breath. That way I learn words in context and become accustomed to the sound of the whole sentence or phrase without thinking about each individual word within the sentence.

I also read 5 more pages of my Spanish novel so..

Time spent learning Spanish today: 1 hour 30 minutes

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