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¡Qué horror! and the imperfect tense

June 19, 2015
Ir de camping

¡¡¡Es viernes!!! (It’s Friday!)

¿Qué planes tenemos para este fin de semana? (What plans do we have for this weekend?)

This morning while having my breakfast I watched a video by  LightSpeedSpanish. It was one of Gordon’s diary posts entitled:

¡Qué horror! and the imperfect tense

Diarios de Gordon Ir de Camping con Sorpresa

If you don’t follow ‘Los diarios de Gordon‘ I highly recommend that you ‘lo echa un vistazo’ go and take a look at it.

His videos are fairly easy to understand. I think that this is because he’s an English man and speaks Spanish with an English accent. He also speaks quite slowly. More importantly  his videos are so funny!

However, the video I watched this morning. Madre Mia…..que una experiencia horible! (What a horrible experience!). I won’t say anymore. You can watch the Lightspeedspanish video yourself. However, I’ll just say that today I learnt a new verb..

Mear (to pee)

For example, ‘mearse de risa’ (to pee/wet oneself laughing)

Gordon used the verb in the preterite – meó.

Well I won’t forget that verb in a hurry!

Muy divertido (Very amusing)

Todavía lo puedo saborear…jajaja (I can still taste it…hehehe)


After dinner I read an article on Italki written by my very good friend and Spanish tutor Andrés. His article was about:

6 Different Scenarios Where The Imperfect Tense Is Required

Here’s a recap:

1) Actions that took place on a regular basis

Yo jugaba al tenis cada día.

I used to play tennis every day.

2) Telling the time, dates and ages in the past

Era el fin de semana.

It was the weekend.

3) Giving descriptions about things in the past

Hacía mucho frío cuando salí de casa.

It was very cold when I left home.

4) Imperfect progressive

Estaba comprando comida en el supermercado.

I was shopping for food at the supermarket.

5) Describing emotional and mental states or desires in the past

Pensaba que la película era buena.

I thought the film was good.

6) Giving an explanation about the past

No fui a las clases porque estaba enfermo.

I didn’t attend classes because I was sick.

And I read 5 pages of my book this morning so..

Time spent learning Spanish today: 1 hour 15 minutes

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