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Spanish vocabulary lists

June 28, 2015
una barbacoa

Hoy es domingo.

Ayer lo pasó muy bien, fue genial. Era el 50th cumpleaños de mi amigo, Steve. Hacia buen tiempo (que fue importante porque la fiesta estaba fuera). La comida estaba rica y fue agradable para ver mis amigos que no habia visto un rato porque estuve en España durante 10 semanas.

(Today is Sunday. Yesterday went well, it was great. It was the 50th birthday of my friend, Steve. It was good weather (which was important because the party was outside, the food was delicious and it was nice to see my friends who I’d not seen for a while because I was in Spain for 10 weeks.)

Spanish vocabulary lists

I’ve never been very good at learning vocabulary. I’ve tried all kinds of methods such as flash cards (made from card and those that can be found online such as Memrise) and writing words on post-it notes and then sticking them all over the house. Nothing really works. So today I thought I’d try adding some vocabulary lists of my own to Mividaloca.

I don’t usually like to learn vocabulary by rote because if the word is out of context, i.e.  the word is not included in a sentence, then I never remember the word. However,  sometimes I think you just have to learn words in this way, especially when learning words for, e.g.  nationalities, colours,  clothing etc.

I think that if I have the vocabulary lists on Mividaloca then I’ll review them often because I’ll see them everytime I log onto the site and everything (all the word lists) are in one place.

Also I think that the act of writing out the individual words for my vocabulary lists will help me to learn the new words too. I can also add more words to each list as I discover them.

It bothers me that I don’t know many words for things that are to be found in a kitchen so I’m going to start with La cocina first of all.

So today I made a vocabulary list for objects in the kitchen and utility room and read 5 pages of my Spanish novel so..

Time spent learning Spanish today: 1 hour 45 minutes

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