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Procrastination can be good

June 15, 2015

Procrasination can be good.

La dilación; el aplazamiento; el postergación. ¡Soy una procrastinadora!

Hoy es lunes (today is Monday) and although I did well this morning and read 5 pages of my book ‘Te vas sin decir adiós’, I didn’t actually manage to get any more studying done today. Or did I?

Well, I got sidetracted because I found a new language learning website:


and signed up to Luca Lampariello’s mini series designed to help you kick start your language learning.

Do I need to kick start my language learning?

Well no I don’t.

So why did I decide to subscribe?

Well, because I’m always looking for little bits of advice and encouragement to help me stay motivated. I’ve listened to quite a few of Luca’s presentations on Youtube and like his approach to language learning so I thought I’d take a bit of time out to listen to the first podcast of his mini series.

The first podcast was about talent.

Do you need talent to perform at higher levels of performance or is it about hard work?

Luca Lampariello is a polyglot (fluent in 10 languages). Luca thinks that he has go a talent for languages – a knack for picking up accents and grammar patterns, however, he feels that this is not what made him a polyglot, rather it was that he believed in himself.

He believed that he was capable of becoming fluent in any language.

There were two podcasts to listen to in the first part of the series. One was in English and was an interview with David Mansaray (a lover of languages, and someone who encouraged me to take the plunge and to go and live in Spain) and the other in Spanish (with transcript in Spanish) with Berta Fernández.

I enjoyed listening to both podcasts and obviously listening to the podcast that was in Spanish (and following along with the transcript) was good listening practice. So, I probably did a bit more Spanish today then I first thought.

What did I learn?

Well, probably something that I already know. That anyone can learn a language if they: believe in themselves; if they put in regular study time and/or practice; if they take responsiblity for their learning and use a variety of study materials and strategies in order to see what learning style works well for them; keep learning fun; and if possible

crear una burbuja lingüística

create a linguistic bubble, or in other words, make language learning part of your daily life and routine.

Not a bad day then!

Time spent learning Spanish today: 1 hour 30 mins

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