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Prepositions of Location

August 9, 2015
Prepositions of Location

As we saw in my previous post Introduction to Prepositions, prepostions are those little words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun to another word in a phrase, clause or sentence. Words such as ‘with’, ‘against’, ‘about’ and ‘on’.

They may be ‘little words’ but they are important little words because they reveal place, time, direction, manner and connection, amongst other things.

I’ve been struggling with prepositions in Spanish for sometime, so last week I decided to work on them a bit with my Italki teacher, Andrés. Here are my notes from our lesson on Prepositions of Location.

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Prepositions of Location

Prepositions of location are really useful because they tell you where someone or something is located physically in relation to someone or something else. For example, The car is in front of the house.

a at
a la derecha de to the right of
a la izquierda de to the left of
a través de across
al final de at the end of
al lado de next to, next door to
cerca de near, close to, by
con with
debajo de under
delante de in front of
dentro de inside
detrás de behind
en in, on, into, at
encima de on top of
enfrente de across from, opposite
entre between, among
frente a facing
fuera de outside
junto a by, next to, next door to
lejos de far from
sobre on top of, above

Llegó tarde a la oficina (He arrived late at the office)

Ana está a la derecha del perro (Ana is to the right of the dog)

Hay una lámpara a la izquierda del sofá (There is a lamp to the left of the sofa)

La electricidad pasa a través de los cables (Electricity passes across the cables)

La casa está al final de la calle (The house is at the end of the street)

Al lado de mi casa hay una farmacia (Next door to my house there’s a pharmacy)

Cerca de mi casa hay un centro comercial (Near my house there’s a shopping centre)

Me gusta el té con limón (I like tea with lemon)

Tus zapatos están debajo de la mesa (Your shoes are under the table)

Delante de Juan hay un mujer (In front of Juan there’s a lady)

Sus llaves están dentro del coche (Her keys are inside the car)

Detrás de la casa hay unos lindos rosales (Behind the house there are pretty rose bushes)

Nosotros vivimos en Chile (We live in Chile)

El perro está encima de la cama otra vez (The dog is on top of the bed again)

Pablo se sienta enfrente de Juan (Pablo sits opposite Juan)

La farmacia esta entre la supermercado y la biblioteca (The pharmacy is between the supermarket and the library)

El hospital está frente al librería (The hosptial is facing the book shop)

El gato está fuera de la casa (The cat is outside the house)

La escoba está junto a la pared (The broom is by the wall)

El cathedrale está lejos de aquí (The cathdral is far from here)

Las cartas ya están sobre la mesa (The letters are already on the table)



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