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One-to-one Spanish lesson

June 17, 2015
One-to-one lesson

Hoy es miercoles (today is Wednesday) and today I started the day with reading 5 pages of my book followed by a conversation with the carpenter who had come to fix my door frame.

One-to-one Spanish lesson

with the carpenter (Cara a cara  con el carpintero)

I was having the door frame replaced because it had warped badly after a water leak. The carpenter was from my insurance company Maphre and I wanted to be cheeky and to ask him if he wouldn’t mind looking at my bathroom door because I couldn’t open it very well.

The problem with the door was that there wasn’t sufficent clearance underneath the door to open smoothly and I wanted the carpenter to take the door off it’s hinges and shave a piece off the bottom of it.

Well, I managed to say this much:

‘¿Le importaría echar un vistazo a mi puerta del baño? No hay suficiente espacio debajo de la puerta para abrirla correctamente o suavemente’

I think I was saying

‘Do you mind taking a look at my bathroom door? There isn’t enough space underneath the door to open it properly or smoothly’

and he understood perfectly and had the door off it’s hinges and fixed in no time. What a result!

Next 10 minutes listening to one of the podcasts on



however, I still having found out how to get the transcripts which is a shame.

Notes in Spanish

A re-listen of the intermediate podcast from Notes in Spanish (http://www.notesinspanish.com) number 31 Las Compras but this time following along with the transcript.

I think there were two phrases that I didn’t understand when I listened to it yesterday and this put me off a bit and I felt that I didn’t really understand much of it. One of the phrases was:

‘veo que me toca comprar unos pantalones nuevos’

meaning ‘I see that I’ve got to buy some new trousers’.

I know that the verb ‘tocar’ means to touch, to play an instrument, be your turn, and to win e.g. the lotterie, but I didn’t know that it could be used to mean ‘to have to’.

Another example would be:

A mí me toca fregar la cocina (I’ve got to mop the kitchen).

And the other phrase was:

‘todos mis calcetines tienen “tomates”.

All my socks have tomatoes!!!

Well to have a tomato in your sock is to have a hole in your sock!

Other phrases I learnt were:

Raja (f.) – Tear / Crack.
Trato directo – Personal attention.
Tener mejor pinta –  To look good
Diáfana  – Open plan (also: clear / well)
Muy reacia –  To be very against something.
Animarse –  To feel encouraged, or encourage oneself, to do something.
Mandar a domicilio – Enviar a casa – Home delivery.

Good day again, but I’m not sure how much I’m retaining. I still don’t feel that I’m making a great deal of progress. Perhaps I’ll need to review some of what I’ve learnt and then test myself.

Time spent learning Spanish: 1 hour 45 minutes

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