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No funciona

October 23, 2014
Verbs - No funciona
Italki Language Challenge

Italki Language Challenge

No funciona (out of order/not working)

Lesson 7: Today I had my seventh lesson with Andrés, on Skype, as part of the Italki Language Challenge, looking at more problems in the house.

My overall aim for the Italki Language Challenge is to learn and practice using different verb tenses so that I can speak with more fluency. Today’s lesson continued with that aim as I learnt how to talk about things in the house that are damaged, stained, broken, leaking, stuck etc.

Vamos a ver la lección de hoy (Let’s see today’s lesson)

Problemas en la casa. Alquilando una habitación

1. Problemas frecuentes

La ventana está rota (The window is broken);

El grifo está goteando/perdiendo agua (The tap is dripping);

Hay una gotera en el techo (There’s a leak in the roof)

El lavabo no traga agua (The sink doesn’t drain);

La puerta no abre. Está atascada (The door won’t open. It’s stuck);

Hay una mancha de aceite en el sofá (There’s a stain of oil on the sofa);

Preguntas (Questions)

a. ¿Dónde puede haber manchas? (Where might there be stains?). Puede haber manchas en la ropa, o puedes tener manchas en el sofá (There might be stains on clothes o you can have stains on the sofa).

b. ¿Qué cosas pueden estar atascadas? (What things might be stuck?) Pueden estar atascadas cosas como la puerta, una tapa de tarro, un tapón de botella. (Things that could get stuck are a door, a jar lid and a bottle top/cap).

2. Problems frecuentes

El termo/calentador no funciona (the boiler/water heater doesn’t work ;

El termo/calentador está estropeado (the boiler/water heater is broken);

No sé qué le pasa al termo/calentador pero no funciona (there’s something wrong with the boiler/water heater).

3. No funciona

La televisión no funciona;

El mando está estropeado (quizás necesita pilas) (The remote control is broken (perhaps it needs batteries);

La tele no va bien (hay interferencias o problemas con la antena) (The television isn’t working (there’s interference or problems with the aerial);

La señal del wifi es muy baja (the wifi signal is very low);

Se ha ido la luz en casa (the lights have gone out in the house);

El enchufe no da corriente, no hay electricidad (the plug has no current, there’s no electricity);

No hay aqua, han cortado el agua (there’s no water, they’ve cut off the water).

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