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La palabra Lo

June 22, 2015
Goats in La Costa Tropical

Hoy es lunes, (today is Monday) and I’ve done a week’s worth of learning Spanish already!

On Wednesday I start my journey back to the UK (by car and ferry). I’m on the boat for 24 hours so hopefully I will have ample time to do a bit of studying.

Also I know that when I get back to the UK that I’ll study more.   In Spain I’m surrounded by the Spanish language and can talk to native speakers so I tend to study less. However, in the UK I put more effort into learning as much as possible and also talk to my tutors and language partners on Italki.

La palabra Lo

This little word has always had me stumped! It´s been bothering me again today.

What does it really stand for?

For example,
Lo interesante (the interesting thing);
lo triste (the sad thing)
Lo sorprendente (the surprising thing);
Lo sensato (the sensible thing);
Lo principle (the main thing)

If ‘lo’ stands for ‘thing’ then why is it not ‘la’ since ‘cosa’ (thing) is feminine?

Apparently ‘lo’ can be used as a neuter definite article before an adjective to make an abstract noun. So ‘lo importante’ can be translated as ‘the important thing’ or ‘that which is important’ or ‘what is important’. So there we are then, that´s cleared that one up.

But how about these phrases? What does ‘lo’ stand for here?

A lo largo de (throughout)
A lo lejos (in the distance)
A lo loco (like crazy)
A lo mejor (probably)
Por lo general (generally)
Por lo menos (at least)
Por lo pronto (for now)
Por lo tanto (as a result)
Por lo visto (apparently)

It’s still a bit confusing to me!

Some good chit-chat today

I was lucky enough to find a couple of native Spanish speakers to talk to today while  I was out and about in Mojácar.

I talked to a guy for a couple of minutes about the weather (which was a scorching 34 degrees celsius today) and to another guy about how I much I struggled to read newspapers such as ‘El País. I was trying to read it while having my morning coffee but had to keep stopping to look up words on my translate app.

Plus 5 pages of my Spanish novel so..

Time learning Spanish today: 1 hour

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