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Italki Language Challenge completed!

November 2, 2015

Hola a todos,

Well I’ve managed to complete the October Italki Language Challenge and I’m really pleased about what I’ve achieved.

Not only do I feel more comfortable with using the present tense subjunctive now (or mood as they call it), but I’ve also had six half hour sessions talking about different topics with my tutor Andrés. During these six sessions I told my tutor all about one of my favourite TV shows The Game of Thrones (which I also wrote an article and made a video about) and also about my doctor’s appointment which never happened. I’ve learnt many new words and phrases and I also had the opportunity to ask Andrés to explain several grammar points to me which I was having trouble understanding.

Anyway here’s my latest video where I talk about how I got on, and I also offer a couple of pieces of advice to anyone who may be thinking about taking the Italki Language Challenge in the future.

For more information about the wonderful language learning exchange and teaching platform Italki, please click the link below.


Qué tengas una buena semana (Have a good week).

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