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Caerse o no?

October 24, 2014
Italki Language Challenge

Italki Language Challenge

Caerse o no?

In my lesson today, lesson 8 in the Italki Language Challenge, we looked at the verb to fall ‘caerse’ and other verbs which can be used to describe whether or not something was done on purpose ‘a propósito’ or ‘voluntario’ or not on purpose ‘involuntario’.

First I had to watch a short film of a journalist ‘Paqui’ who was interviewing a guy who had made an elaborate sand castle. As Paqui was looking and commenting on the intricate design of the different parts of the castle she lost her balance and fell on to the castle, completely destroying one side of it. Then I had to describe the scene and decide whether Paqui fell on to the castle on purpose or by accident.

Mira el video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHuppl6urKE

1. ¿Crees que se ha caído a propósito? (Do you think that she fell on purpose?)

– Sí, creo que se ha caído a propósito porque el hombre no estaba enfadado con ella y él se estaba riendo. Ella se cayó con cuidado, cuidadosamente, intentando no romper mucho. (Yes, I think that she fell on purpose because the man wasn’t angry with her and he was laughing. She fell with care, carefully, trying not to break too much).

When you want to say that you drop something on purpose use the verb ‘tirar’ and if by accident use the verb ‘caer’.

Quizás Paqui se ha caído sobre el castillo de arena o quizás se ha tirado sobre el castillo. (Perhaps Paqui fell on the sand castle (by accident) or perhaps she fell/threw herself on the castle (on purpose).

Ejercicio 1. En español hay muchos verbos para expresar que algo o alguien se cae o se está cayendo. (In Spanish there’s a lot of verbs to express something or someone that/who is falling).

tirarse (throw yourself); hundirse (to sink); tropezarse (trip over, stumble, bump into, run into); besar el suelo (kiss the floor);

derrumbarse (to demolish, knock down, destroy); desmoronarse (demolish, shatter, break down, fall down, collapse); desprenderse (to fall (leaves), get rid of, detach); darse de bruces (fall heavily face down, flat on your face);

lanzar (to throw, launch); resbalarse (to slip, slide); desplomarse (collapse, fall down); precipitarse (plunge,fall);

derramarse (spill); derribar (knock down, knock over, tear down); arrojar (throw, toss); arrojarse (throw yourself, hurl/fling yourself, lunge); tambalearse (stagger, totter, teeter, wobble, sway).

El jugador se ha tirado voluntariamente (The player fell on purpose);

La máquina está derrumbando el edificio (The machine is knocking down the building);

El jugador está lanzando la pelota (The player is throwing the ball);

El café se ha derramado (por accidente) (The coffee has spilled by accident);

Tristemente, el crucero se hundió (Sadly, the ship sank);

El Coliseo de Roma se desmorona lentamente, con el paso del tiempo (The Roman Coliseum slowly decayed, with the passage of time).

¡Cuidado! ¡Te puedes resbalar y caer! (Careful! You could slip and fall!)

Te puedes resbalar porque el suelo está mojado; no está seco (You could slip because the floor is wet; it is not dry);

Alguien ha derribado el muro (someone has destroyed the wall);

Cuidado si caminas por el suelo. ¡Puedes tropezarte con el cable! (Be careful if you walk across the floor. You might trip over the cable!)

Muchas hojas se desprenden en otoño (Many leaves fall in Autumn);

El puente se ha desplomado (The bridge has collapsed);

¡Sólo arrojar basura en papeleras! (Only throw rubbish in the wastepaper basket);

El ciclista se dió de bruces contra el suelo (besó el suelo) (The cyclist fell flat on his face (he kissed the floor);

Para practicar ‘wingfly’ tienes que precipitarte al vacío (In order to practice ‘wingfly’ you have to launch yourself into thin air);

La modelo perdió el equilibrio, se tambaleó y cayó (La modelo perdió el equilibrio, se tambaleó y cayó).

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