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Speaking Fluently Technique?

June 18, 2015
Fluency technique

Hola, hoy es jueves (Thursday) and today we’ve been doing a spot of house hunting.

House hunting (Búsqueda de un hogar)

At the moment we have an apartment on the Costa Calida, however when we move to Spain full time, which we hope to do within the next year, we would like to buy a house so that we have more space.

There are some great bargains to be had at the moment and we spent a lovely morning looking around the Ricote valley and viewed some fantastic properties.

I took the opportunity to speak a little Spanish with the venders which was really enjoyable, and then when I got back to our apartment I listened to the second podcast of Luca Lampariello’s Language learning mini-series www.thepolyglotdream.com

Podcast – 02 La fase inicial: cuando empiezas a aprender un idioma

It was quite a long podcast and Luca and Berta spoke quite fast but I think that I got the gist of the conversation.

As I was listening to the podcast, I was amazed at just how fluent Luca was at speaking Spanish. He spoke very fast, as fast if not faster than Berta who’s a native Spanish speaker. How did he become so fluent?

Is it really possible for anyone to speak a foreign language with such ease?

Speaking fluently technique?

I wondered if it would be possible to use the transcript of the podcast in order to memorise some of it’s content. If I were to memorise certain phrases I might then be able to use them, or weave them, into my own conversations. That way I would be able to speak these phrases fluently. The more phrases I learn the more fluent phrases I would have to weave into conversations.

Phrases such as:

‘Bueno si antes que nada’

Anyway it’s an idea that I might look into.

With my daily 5 pages of my novel read this morning..

Time spent learning Spanish; 1 hour 

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